Gnome Object SHell (monoshell)

Sunday, July 29, 2007


This project is certainly not dead!

Currently I am quite busy with my family life. More about this can be found on my personal blog and website. My wife will soon join me in the Netherlands... I hope you understand. At the moment I am quite busy with the necessary paperwork. The rest of the time is used up by my professional employment. We are busy with large scale implementations on the DDD principle. For that I am busy with the development of a framework using Mono in which services can communicate with a domain using ports. Details might follow on my development blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dynamic Language Runtime

Currently investigating the use of the DLR.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Planning starts...

Yesterday I planned to start a Monad implementation for the Gnome/Mono environment, called 'GOSH'. Currently it is a development codename. This project is in it infancies... any help would be appreciated. So what I would like it to become is easy: codename Monad, a powerful shell in which objectstreams are piped instead of the textual UN*X pipelines (for sed and awk). Some questions I will investigate are: Should this technology be compatible with PowerShell? How can we encapsulate the traditional pipelines to also be able to reuse some very powerful existing scripts/oneliners? Please feel free to connect me at ' gnome.osh @'. A project space has been opened at Google's code hosting, called gnome-osh.